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At TST Technic Development, Quality Control and Application Sectors Have us Aim In Common; Excellent Workmanship. All Our Productions is Subjected to a Constant Quality Controls and a Complete Final Inspection.
Our group is among the biggest import and exporter for high current integrated solutions.
We design, and help the customer giving turnkey job for all the applications with high electric currents (up to 240KA and 5000V).

TST Technic is one of the scientific research enterprises of power distribution and transmission products featuring largest scale, most variety, full specifications and best quality.

TST Technic Is An Excellent Example Of This: Our Engineering Skills, Expertise In Materials And Highly Sophisticated Processing Technology Make Us A Specialist In what we do And Working Of High-Quality Technical Plastics.

TST Technic provide low and medium pressure rubber hose on rigid mandrel, up to 120 meters length and up to 800 mm diameter in shorter length. They are appropriate for all industrial applications. The turnover is realized by about 70% from abroad.
We are Exporter and importer of water cooled cables for electric furnace AC and DC in the CONCENTRIC Layer Design, ROPE and STAR LAY technology. As a result, choosing between this different type of cables we are able to give the customers the better solution to meet any productive demands.

TST Technic is equipped to handle the reconditioning, repair and rebuilding of electric arc furnace cables and electric arc furnace holders, regardless of manufacture. This process extends the service life of your investment.

Copper Parts

Copper Fittings for Blast Furnaces and Cupola Furnaces
Copper Fittings for BOF / LD Steel Plants
Copper Fittings for Electric Furnaces
Copper Molds
Copper Fittings for Submerged Arc and Other Smelting Furnaces
Copper Crucibles for Re-melting Furnaces
Centrifugal Castings Made Of Copper Alloy
TST Technic is an import and export company, which has been established in Baden-Württemberg, Germany, since 2017. Our main focus is, but not limited to, industrial and engineering parts for steel production factories. We have worked and are working with many international companies in different countries. Depending on your needs, we could obtain the best parts which matches your applications. We are here for any questions you might have about your projects or any needed help. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. 

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Water Cooled Components

For Electric Arc Furnaces, Ladle Furnaces and Induction Furnaces, we produce and provide numerous water cooled pars such as water cooled cable, contact pads, bus bars and water jackets with stainless steel or copper or aluminum material based on clients requested specifications


We Will Accept Special Orders for Our Customer’s Needs.
At TST Technic Development, Production, Quality Control and Application Sectors Have us Aim In Common; Excellent Workmanship. All Our focus is Subjected to a Constant Quality Controls and a Complete Final Inspection.
At TST GMBH We are committed to a Spectrum-Analysis of Heat measurements and Correction of Electrical Conductivity of Each Copper Part before Casting.
We Are Always at The Disposal of Customers For Technical Advisory Services.

Main Services

Copper Parts
Steel Making Components (Product & Services)
Fire Retardant System
Heat & Electrical Insulators
Hot Metal Forming Lubricants
Water Cooled Cables
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